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Wedding Trends

What's happening in wedding photography?


The world of wedding photography continues to evolve, embracing new styles, techniques, and trends. Couples are looking for innovative ways to capture their special day, and photographers are pushing creative boundaries to deliver unique and extraordinary images. Let’s explore the top wedding photography trends, providing you with insights and inspiration to make your wedding photos truly unforgettable.

Intimate and Micro Weddings:

With the rise of intimate and micro weddings, wedding photography has adapted to capture the essence of these smaller celebrations. Photographers are embracing the intimate atmosphere, focusing on candid moments, emotional connections, and capturing the joy and love shared among a smaller group of loved ones.

Creative Use of Lighting:

Expect to see photographers experimenting with creative lighting techniques to add drama, depth, and a touch of magic to wedding photos. Whether it's using string lights, fairy lights, or utilizing natural light in unique ways, photographers are finding innovative ways to create visually stunning images that enhance the ambiance of the wedding.

Documentary and Storytelling Approach:

Couples are increasingly drawn to wedding photography that tells a story and captures the authentic moments and emotions throughout the day. Documentary-style photography is gaining popularity, focusing on candid shots, raw emotions, and unscripted moments that reflect the true essence of the wedding day.

Bold Colors and Vibrant Palettes:

There is increasingly a departure from traditional muted color palettes. Couples are opting for bold, vibrant colors, and photographers are incorporating these hues into their compositions, creating visually striking images that pop. From rich jewel tones to vibrant pastels, expect to see a burst of color in wedding photography this year.

Environmental Consciousness:

As sustainability continues to be an important aspect of our lives, couples are seeking wedding photographers who align with their environmental values. Eco-conscious photography practices are on the rise, with photographers utilizing natural landscapes, incorporating greenery, and emphasizing sustainable and ethically sourced products in their work.

Artistic and Experimental Techniques:

Wedding photography is embracing experimentation and artistic expression like never before. Photographers are incorporating double exposures, intentional camera movement, and creative post-processing techniques to create unique and visually captivating images that transcend traditional wedding photography.

Inclusive and Diverse Representation:

Inclusivity and diversity continue to be crucial considerations in wedding photography. Couples are seeking photographers who are skilled in capturing love stories from various cultural backgrounds, LGBTQ+ weddings, and non-traditional celebrations. Expect to see a growing emphasis on representing and celebrating diverse love stories in wedding photography this year.

Unconventional Perspectives:

Photographers are exploring unconventional angles and perspectives to add depth and interest to their images. From low-angle shots to experimental compositions, photographers are pushing boundaries to capture wedding photos that are truly unique and visually captivating.

Wedding photography is poised to embrace exciting trends that reflect the changing dynamics of weddings and couples' desires for truly extraordinary images. Whether it's through intimate storytelling, bold colors, innovative lighting techniques, or creative experimentation, these wedding photography trends promise to deliver unforgettable images that beautifully capture the essence of each couple's love story. So, keep an eye out for these trends and discuss them with your photographer to ensure your wedding photos are on the cutting edge of style and creativity.


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